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Deploying InfoPath Form to SharePoint 2010 Site

Deploying an InfoPath form to SharePoint 2010 is relatively straight forward, as long as you remember a few simple steps. For an easier deployment experience, avoid code behind (managed forms) in your InfoPath form unless you really have to. That’s … Continue reading

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Updating Term Store Field Value

There appears to be various different recommendations of ways for updating a term store field value and I’d like to chip in with mine. Some recommend updating by setting the list item’s hidden taxonomy field, which looks something like the … Continue reading

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Correlation value on declaration “x” is already initialized

If you’re writing a workflow and are using the CreateTask or CreateTaskWithContentType activities you may come across the following error: System.InvalidOperationException: Correlation value on declaration “Name of your token” is already initialized When adding a token to the create task … Continue reading

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Debugging SharePoint Timer Service Assemblies

If you’re creating your own workflows and want to be able to debug into your code using the timer service (OWSTIMER.EXE) deploying your assembly to the GAC won’t normally be enough for the correct symbols to be loaded. This is … Continue reading

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Updating URL field for ExtendedProperties in workflow

I was trying to update a URL field of a task within a custom workflow I was writing and spent a bit more time than I’d have liked trying to get the URL and description to save correctly in the … Continue reading

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