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Package and Deploy a SharePoint Designer Workflow

Note: A sample project containing a simple designer workflow and the code described in this post is available for download here.

Workflows created in SharePoint Designer are good when you want to be able to deploy workflows to your customers and give them the power to add and customise the actions and logic contained within.

You can save the workflow to the Site Assets as a template from Designer and then either import it into your Visual Studio solution as a Reusable Workflow or SharePoint Solution Package. Importing a Reusable Workflow doesn’t give you a workflow that can be edited in Designer and although the Solution Package method gives you this, you need to create a separate feature with activation events to run custom code against the workflows, such as automatically associating the workflows with your lists.

Sometimes it’s good to be in full control of the installation process, if for example you want to log certain events. It’s also good to be able to understand what the generated Solution Package solution is actually doing.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how to deploy one or more SharePoint designer workflows, enable for web browser rendering and associate with a list all through custom code tied to the feature activated event of a web feature.
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Hide All Site Content Link

Looking for a straight forward and relatively easy way of hiding the All Site Content link from the quick launch area?

All you need to do is create a feature, manisfest file and user control that contains the script to hide the link.

The feature should ideally be site or web scoped although it doesn’t really matter and depends where you want the link removed from.

Create a new empty element file and replace with the following content:
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