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Trim Sound File

Totally off-topic post today.

I was looking for a quick and easy way of trimming an MP3 yesterday on my Mac (yes, I use a Mac for SharePoint dev) and stumbled across a free way of doing this with QuickTime.

Open the sound file you want to trim in QuickTime and then press Ctrl+T (or Cmd-T on the Mac) and you’re able to mark the segment you want to trim, then just save the new version, et voilĂ .

People picker shortcut key

A really quick post today – wondering what the keyboard shortcut for checking names entered into the people picker control is?

People Picker

Simple really, press ctrl + k

Told you it was a quick and easy post today!

Reusable Content

I’ve worked on a lot of different SharePoint portals in my time and one of the main features of SharePoint that people seem to overlook, or are not aware of, is the reusable content feature that is part of the publishing infrastructure. This post will hopefully help to make some more people aware of this underused feature.

As mentioned, the reusable content feature relies on your site having the publishing infrastructure enabled. More specifically, the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature.

Publishing Infrastructure Site Collection Feature

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SharePoint CAML Helper Update

A couple of years ago I wrote a CAML helper project and uploaded the source code to CodePlex.

Recently I updated the code with a few small bug fixes, after some feedback from a colleague who used it successfully on a large scale Portal project.

As a result, I thought I’d write a short post to let those who weren’t aware of the code that it was there.

To view the C# source for the tool, or download the latest assembly, please follow this link.

To create CAML queries with the assembly, work with the CAMLManager class to build your query.

CAMLManager mgr = new CAMLManager();
mgr.QueryGroups.Add(new QueryGroup("Title", Types.FieldTypes.Text, Types.QueryTypes.Eq, "A Title"));
mgr.QueryGroups.Add(new QueryGroup(Types.JoinTypes.Or, "Title", Types.FieldTypes.Text, Types.QueryTypes.Eq, "Another Title"));
string caml = mgr.GetCAML();

The GetCAML method will return the following string:

      <fieldref Name="Title"></fieldref>
      <value Type="Text">A Title</value>
      <fieldref Name="Title"></fieldref>
      <value Type="Text">Another Title</value>

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Move SharePoint Database

Before attempting to move the databases associated with your SharePoint instance, make sure you backup your farm before continuing. For example, the following PowerShell script performs a full backup of the farm:

Backup-SPFarm -Directory c:\backuppath -BackupMethod Full

Depending on the size of the databases, this may take some time to complete.

One thing to check before starting the move is that the version of SQL is identical for both the source and target servers.

Once your happy that SharePoint has been backed up, the first thing to do is stop all SharePoint and Internet Information Services (IIS) services on the server that is running the Central Administration Web site. Do this by opening the Services snap-in from the Microsoft Management Console.
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