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When working with calendar items created with recurrence patterns, there’s no immediately obvious way through the object model to expose the individual recurrence items. If you create a calendar event with a daily recurrence pattern which generates 6 separate events, you’re only ever given one item when looking for it through code.

Using CAML, it’s easy to get all 6 items back as individual items through the use of the DateRangesOverlap element.

The structure of the DateRangesOverlap element looks like:

  <fieldref Name='EventDate'></fieldref>
  <fieldref Name='EndDate'></fieldref>
  <fieldref Name='RecurrenceID'></fieldref>
  <value IncludeTimeValue=\"TRUE\" Type='DateTime'>

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My Development Configuration

Just wanting to share the utilities, custom scripts and applications that I use when developing for SharePoint.

Besides the obvious, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer and InfoPath, the following is what I find makes developing and debugging that little bit easier.

Visual Studio

When using Visual Studio, I add a few custom menu items to the Tools menu, the following are my staples:

Custom Tools

First up, there’s a menu item for displaying the strong name key for the current assembly.:
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