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Creating Entities from Dynamic SQL

When working with a LINQ to SQL model (dbml) and you try to add a custom stored procedure that uses dynamic SQL, you will likely see an error similar to the following: The return type for the following stored procedure … Continue reading

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Get SearchServiceApplication in PowerShell

In C# when retrieving the default SearchServiceApplication object you might do something like the following, if you were trying to initiate a new Schema object, for example: SPServiceContext serviceContext = SPServiceContext.GetContext(SPContext.Current.Site);   SearchServiceApplicationProxy searchApplicationProxy = serviceContext.GetDefaultProxy(typeof(SearchServiceApplicationProxy)) as SearchServiceApplicationProxy;   Guid … Continue reading

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SharePoint Short #19 When implementing your own Custom_AddDocLibMenuItems, which allows you to add custom menu items to the ECB of SharePoint items, remember to check for other implementations of this method before your own version. For example: function YourImplementationOf_AddDocLibMenuItems(m, ctx, … Continue reading

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Field Order for External Content Type

Working with external content types isn’t as straight forward as it should be, especially within a Visual Studio project. Take trying to define the display order of your columns as an example. You define your task entity by adding your … Continue reading

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