SharePoint Stu is a Microsoft consultancy that specialises in the management, development and configuration of the SharePoint platform. With our extensive knowledge of SharePoint, going back to the first release (SharePoint Portal Server 2001) through to the current iteration, SharePoint Server 2016, we have both the expertise and track record to be the ideal choice for designing and implementing your SharePoint projects.

We have worked across various business and technical departments providing key analytical and requirements gathering skills. Our core strength is in the design and implementation of projects, with our Microsoft accredited developers helping to ensure all our solutions are of the highest quality and regularly exceed client expectations.

Over the eight years of working with SharePoint we have worked with a variety of different clients, ranging from relatively small companies through to large blue chip corporations

We operate a virtual office environment, operating either from client premises or from the consultant’s personal office. We feel that working directly with clients in their office helps to share the knowledge and expertise that we have built up over the years.

Due to the nature of our work, we are also extremely well versed in the .NET platform and so are also able to provide consultancy services for this space, whether it is Forms, Web or Silverlight development.