Clear Designer Cache

SharePoint Short #9

When using SharePoint Designer, especially in a development environment where content and assemblies can frequently change, SPD can start to behave erratically, sometimes loading content that has been removed from the web site, or using an older version of an assembly. This is due to how SPD caches content, which thankfully, is easy enough to clear.

First, close SPD and then remove all files from the following folder:
%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Web Server Extensions\Cache

This contains things like page caches.

Then, do the same for this folder:

This contains cached items such as assemblies used and lots of other xml configuration files.

Restart SPD and all should be good in the world 🙂

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Dirk Loehn

Still works/is necessary with SharePoint Designer 2013. Thanks – Dirk


thanks its worked fine and good

Reed M

Worked like a charm. Thank you!


Works well, thanks 🙂 It’s only cache, but I think it’s always better to advice moving files, rather than deleting it – it makes the operation reversible if something goes wrong.


Wow funcionó!!!
Amazing it’s work!!!



Wow, Its work


Still works! Thank you so much!