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Shrink CrawlStore Database

A useful script for running on your dev\uat environments to free valuable disk space. The crawl store database can grow quite significantly over time. First of all, the PowerShell script: # Load the SharePoint assembly – change the version to … Continue reading

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Configuring SQL Server Whitepaper

I recently came across the following whitepaper for configuring SQL Server to get the best performance from it when used in a SharePoint environment. Download it from here Or view it from here Lots of good information in it and … Continue reading

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Creating Entities from Dynamic SQL

When working with a LINQ to SQL model (dbml) and you try to add a custom stored procedure that uses dynamic SQL, you will likely see an error similar to the following: The return type for the following stored procedure … Continue reading

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Move SharePoint Database

Before attempting to move the databases associated with your SharePoint instance, make sure you backup your farm before continuing. For example, the following PowerShell script performs a full backup of the farm: Backup-SPFarm -Directory c:\backuppath -BackupMethod Full Depending on the … Continue reading

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