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Workflow App Permissions

With the new 2013 workflows there are a few scenarios that can cause issues which may not be obvious to those coming from 2010. One such scenario is configuring list items to have Create and Edit access set to Create … Continue reading

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Clear Designer Cache

SharePoint Short #9 When using SharePoint Designer, especially in a development environment where content and assemblies can frequently change, SPD can start to behave erratically, sometimes loading content that has been removed from the web site, or using an older … Continue reading

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SPD WebPart Definition Code

Using SharePoint Designer, users can update WebPart properties directly via the code pane. Now, if this is a requirement for you, you’ll notice that when editing a custom version three WebPart (System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart) that the properties are displayed as attributes of … Continue reading

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Package and Deploy a SharePoint Designer Workflow

Note: A sample project containing a simple designer workflow and the code described in this post is available for download here. Workflows created in SharePoint Designer are good when you want to be able to deploy workflows to your customers … Continue reading

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