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New Certifications

It’s been a while and that’s an understatement!! I really do need to get back into the habit of blogging more about my experiences and sharing my knowledge of SharePoint and the related technologies.

I recently decided to sit some exams and go for the MCSD SharePoint Applications, which is comprised of four exams. Seeing as I was going for that I thought it best to also go for the App Builder (previously called Web Applications) which required the first two exams of the SharePoint track plus one for WCF. Happy to report that I passed all five exams and am now certified for both SharePoint Applications and App Builder 🙂


Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all! 🙂

My Development Configuration

Just wanting to share the utilities, custom scripts and applications that I use when developing for SharePoint.

Besides the obvious, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer and InfoPath, the following is what I find makes developing and debugging that little bit easier.

Visual Studio

When using Visual Studio, I add a few custom menu items to the Tools menu, the following are my staples:

Custom Tools

First up, there’s a menu item for displaying the strong name key for the current assembly.:
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Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, I hope 2013 is everything you expect and more!

Impersonating Current App Pool User

Using SharePoint it’s easy to run a block of code with elevated permissions:

    using (SPSite elevatedSite = new SPSite(siteId))
        using (SPWeb elevatedWeb = elevatedSite.OpenWeb(wedId))
            // operations using elevated SPWeb object...

This is fine for SharePoint related impersonations. Any code executed within the elevated block that authenticates using an object instantiated outside the RunWithElevatedPrivileges block will run using the context of the current user and not the elevated account. So for example, if you wanted to make a web method call using a single user (or connect to a database) and not the current context, the following code block will achieve this for you:
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