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Create a local term set

SharePoint Short #12

Instead of creating term sets that are available farm wide, it’s also possible to create a term set that is only local to a particular site collection.

Create a site column as normal, selecting Managed Metadata type

Within the Term Set Settings section, select Customize your term set:

Then simply add terms to the top level node (same name as your column by default) and once your happy click OK to create your metadata column based on a local term set.

Export MetaData Terms

Central administration provides a way to import metadata term sets and terms by uploading a CSV file. However, it does not provide a mechanism for exporting terms to a CSV.

There are quite a lot of PowerShell and command line utilities on the web for accomplishing this, however, the ones that I found did not cater for terms that are more than one level deep. After all, you can create a term hierarchy that is up to seven levels deep.

So, to help fill this gap I’ve written a simple PowerShell script that does exactly this.

One caveat with importing CSV files through Central Administration is that it can only import one term set per CSV. So when exporting more than one set you have to create a separate file for each of them. You’d have thought the import script would have been able to handle multiple sets…
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Updating Term Store Field Value

There appears to be various different recommendations of ways for updating a term store field value and I’d like to chip in with mine.

Some recommend updating by setting the list item’s hidden taxonomy field, which looks something like the following.

First, get the Guid for the term we need to update:
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