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Scripting Add-In Packages

Scripting the creation of SharePoint add-in packages is pretty straight forward. As I found there to be not very many posts on this topic, I thought I’d share how I implemented it. To create and deploy is also easy from … Continue reading

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Client Context in AddIn

How to get the client context for code in a provider-hosted add-in that is called outside of the SharePoint context. For example, you want a page in your solution to be called directly and not from SharePoint. Reasons for this … Continue reading

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Register Self-Signed Certificate

If you’re setting up your development environment for writing provider-hosted SharePoint add-ins, you need a register the SharePoint IIS certificate with the remote web used by the add-in(s). A quick and easy way to do this is to register a … Continue reading

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Unregistering an Add-in

Registering an add-in for SharePoint is easy enough. You go to the _layouts/appregnew.aspx page for the site and register the add-in. Permissions are set when the add-in is installed on the site too. This happens after you’ve clicked Trust It … Continue reading

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Provider-Hosted Development Setup

Setting up a development environment for SharePoint is relatively straight forward when it comes to on premise solutions. Everything is running on the same server and normally on one IIS website. Moving to a hybrid model, be that either SharePoint … Continue reading

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