Today, we have a non SharePoint related post to start June with.

I’ve been using various time tracking systems over the past while and have had varied success with them. Some I’ve loved certain features but hated others parts of their offering. I’ve been on the lookout for a system that “just does it” and lets me get on with the important stuff, like actually working 🙂

Recently, I found a free, yes free, online time tracking and billing system which ticks all of my boxes. OK, I said free, well it’s only free if you are happy to have a single user. As I’m a freelancer this suits me perfectly. Not that it’s that expensive if you do need to scale up. Two users is a mere £6.5/month with additional users costing about £3 each.

What is it? It’s from a company called Paymo and their website is

I’m not going to go into any great detail here, the best thing to do is sign up (quick and painless) and give it a go for yourself. The main features I love so far are:

  • Task management tools. Quickly and easily log time against various tasks via their online timer.
  • Desktop software for Mac and PC, allowing you to automatically log time against your tasks without having to log into their website. They als have apps for the iPhone and Android.
  • Automated billing and invoice system
  • Reports
  • Timesheet management, an important feaue if you do work for various clients and they require a timesheet to go along with any invoices or purchase orders
  • Many more, but I advise you to try it for yourself and see if it ticks your boxes too 🙂
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I have used Paymo quite some time, but what about the other time tracking softwares? What about Replicon Inc?


I had also used Replicon’s hassle free time tracking software and since then never required to look back at any other software. It is pretty much loaded with simple to use features and easy accessibilty.