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Provider-Hosted Development Setup

Setting up a development environment for SharePoint is relatively straight forward when it comes to on premise solutions. Everything is running on the same server and normally on one IIS website. Moving to a hybrid model, be that either SharePoint … Continue reading

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New Certifications

It’s been a while and that’s an understatement!! I really do need to get back into the habit of blogging more about my experiences and sharing my knowledge of SharePoint and the related technologies. I recently decided to sit some … Continue reading

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Add ECB to View Columns

Some code to add the ECB menu to the specified columns of a view: Code should be pretty self explanatory, happy coding! 🙂

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Performance Monitoring Class

Thought I’d share a class I use for performance monitoring to help identify areas of code that are causing bottlenecks or take a lengthy time to execute. In SharePoint we can use the SPMonitoredScope class to wrap areas of code … Continue reading

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Restart Services Script

Looking for a PowerShell script to restart important services across a SharePoint farm? Look no further because all you need is here 🙂 The script below, initiated by calling the Restart-Services function, restarts the following services on all SharePoint servers … Continue reading

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